The Group KÉMYZTRÍ We are a group of students, integrated for Manu Vargas, Juanjo Góngora, Agus Fernández, Gonzaa Angerami and Lucas Mol...

Copy these sentences in your BLOG and say if they are TRUE or FALSE.

1.Chemistry is the science that deals with materials in laboratories. T
2.There is only one type of chemistry. F
3.Organic chemistry looks at which chemicals are in things.  F
4.Organic chemistry looks at things that have carbon in them. T
5.Polymer chemistry is a small area of chemistry. T

Re-read the text and CREATE FOUR false sentences

1. The basic unit of an element is called an electron 
2. A salt is also made when a base react 
3. Chromates can´t cause cancer.
4.  Acids release OH  ions  when in water, and bases release H+ ions when in water